From a patient:

"One amazing person in my life quotes a famous Gandhi phrase quite often, and it is as follows:  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This quote directly applies to a man who made a true difference in my life. When my soccer-coaching season was struck down with a serious knee injury, I didn't know who to turn to. Fortunately for me, I was introduced to a knee specialist who is unlike any doctor that I have ever met.
I knew that there must have been a reason why Dr. Frost is considered one of the best knee arthroscopic surgeons in the State of Alaska. After meeting him personally, I began to see why it is true. He thoroughly explained everything, informed me of all my options and risks, and gave me his best suggestion regarding my injury, which was a torn ACL with a partial meniscus tear.

Victor playing soccer

The simplicity, and the sense of humor within his whole team created a heart-warming atmosphere for me to be in, especially after such stress over my injury. I soon realized that this incredible atmosphere derived from Dr. Frost himself, who makes everything better around him, and not only his patients. All my doubts vanished because I knew I could trust a man of such experience!
My surgery went incredibly, and I was on my way to a speedy recovery and before I knew, I was on the pitch coaching and playing soccer. My life has changed, and I’m  happy to be back in action doing things I love! I'm blessed to have met such a man of valor, excellence and integrity. Dr. Frost does what he does not as his profession, but because of his desire to make life-changing differences in people’s lives. I share this story everywhere I go and I thank God for Dr. Frost who encouraged me to carry on the light and such example to others, bringing difference in the lives of the people around me. There are only few who can do that, who are willing to go above and beyond, and I’m proud to state that Dr Frost is one of them - being that change that he wants to see in this world!  Thank you Dr. John D. Frost! I’m back in action!"
-- Victor Fonov



About Us

Dr. Frost first came to Alaska in 1973 as an orthopedic surgeon stationed at Elemendorf Air Force Base. Upon leaving the military two years later, the lure of Alaska kept Dr. Frost in Anchorage. He became a board certified orthopedic surgeon in 1974 and worked at the Alaska Clinic for two years before beginning his own private practice in 1977. He has limited his practice exclusively to knee problems since 1986.

Dr. Frost at the halfway point of Mt. Marathon PHOTO BY FRANK BAKER

Like many of his patients, Dr. Frost enjoys an active lifestyle and shares a love for the Alaskan outdoors. He is a pilot and an avid outdoorsman.  In fact, he participated in Seward's Mount Marathon every year from1993 to 2016. Additionally, Dr. Frost has undergone arthroscopic surgery himself. He understands the patient's viewpoint as well as the surgeon's. He has experienced the frustrations of physical setbacks and the desire to heal in the most responsible and effective manner possible.

Dr. Frost has held numerous positions of leadership in the medical community. He is a founder and past president of the Alaska State Orthopaedic Society. He is also a past president of the medical staff at Humana Hospital.  He served many years on the Alaska Regional Hospital board of trustees and six years as Alaska's representative on the AAOS Board of Councillors. He is a past Chief of Orthopedics at Alaska Regional Hospital.

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The scheduling of your appointments will be addressed by Cheryl Snyder who has worked with Dr. Frost for twenty years.  Cheryl has also worked as an LPN, at what is now Providence Extended Care, and for two chiropractic offices.  As a certified coder and biller, Cheryl handles all billing and insurance matters and, when needed, performs patient education. She and her husband have lived in Anchorage for 35 years and have a daughter who lives in San Francisco.


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