From a patient:

"I just love Dr. Jack Frost!  He has kept me enjoying all the fun The Great State of Alaska has to offer.  He is supported by a caring staff that makes you feel like you are the only patient in the world.  Skiing, dog mushing and riding my snowmachine...where will my repaired knees take me next?"

Mary Jane Bridwell on snowshoes

-- Mary Jane Bridwell



"After my eldest daughter had two ACL surgeries that failed, we finally went to Dr. Frost. He gave us an honest evaluation, laid out alternative approaches, and explained the healing process in terms an active teenager could understand. Dr. Frost’s ACL replacement surgery has proven successful. Since then, Dr. Frost has performed successful knee surgery on me (meniscus repair), and my youngest daughter (major reconstruction). I’m happy to recommend him.

-- Darrell Keifer


I've been seeing Dr. Frost for more than 10 years and I deeply appreciate his conservative approach to caring for knees. Although I've only had one surgery with Dr. Frost to smooth surfaces and repair meniscus damage, I have benefitted from his sage counsel in knee maintenance, including prescriptions for lubrication injections.
I am still actively hiking and climbing mountains at age 66 and I owe much of that to Dr. Frost's wealth of experience
and astute care.

-- Frank Baker


To the left:
Frank on Pepper Peak





Patient Forms: options for filling out our form

In order for us to understand the difficulties you are encountering with your knees and to give you our best service, we request that you fill out our four page patient form prior to your first appointment.

This form includes a Patient Information page, a Knee Questionaire, a Health History and the Patient Consent for Disclosure of Protected Health Information.

Follow these steps to fill out this form:

1. Click on Dr. Frost's Patient Form to download the form to your computer.

2. Open this interactive pdf file in Adobe Reader.  If you do not have this free software you may download it here: Adobe Reader.

3. In the upper right hand corner choose to have the software highlight the fields to be entered.  Type the information the form requests.

4. Save a copy of the form to your computer.  It may be useful for you at another time to simply update fields which have changed answers. 

5. Either attach the form to an email addressed to our office, or print the form and bring it with you to your first appointment.


Appointments: what to expect on your first visit

Please bring the following items with you to your first visit:

It is quite likely that prior to your visit we will request that you have x-rays taken. Dr Frost has a special series of x-rays we would order for you to get done prior to your appointment and you would bring them to your visit.

When you arrive at our office we will ask for these films and for your Patient Form if its arrival did not preceed you.  You will then be ushered into an examining room where you will have time to change into your shorts.  A member of our staff will check your vitals and ask you preliminary questions regarding the problems you are having with your knees.

Once this session has ended, Dr. Frost will see you.  Expect to be here, with him, for a half hour at least.  He is very thorough in his examination of your knees, the x-ray films, and in his questioning of your needs and physical aspirations.

Dr. Frost may need additional information prior to making a decision regarding the best treatment for your knee condition.  This may be an MRI, other imaging studies or lab studies. Staff at the front desk will help you make arrangements for this if Dr. Frost requests it.

At either your first visit, or the second - if an MRI is needed, you and Dr.Frost will determine whether physical therapy, medicine, surgery, or a combination will be the best approach to improving the condition of your knees.


Frank Baker atop Pepper Peak PHOTO BY BRENT VOORHEES