From a patient:

"Dr. Frost evaluated my ruptured ACL and guided me through the decision to have surgery or not. He has a consistent approach to heal without surgery that improves my trust for his actions when we jointly determined ACL surgery was the best choice for my lifestyle. I was 41, very active outdoors, and very much wanted to maintain my current level of activity for my children and my future. Dr. Frost thoroughly understood my interest to be treated  with the care and attention often reserved for elite athletes. I didn’t want to just be put back together, I wanted to get back in the life game 110%. His sensitivity to my concerns was keen to my trust in him to perform my autograft ACL repair. He took his time in my surgery which improved my healing response time. Thanks to my consistent and guided PT, I progressed on schedule and was 100% back to my active life in 1 year, where I  competed confidently in very demanding skiing events such as the European Ski Jor  and Arctic Man.  I have and will continue to recommended Dr. Frost to all my friends in need of dependable and personalized care with great satisfaction!"

Eric N. Heil
Health and Physical Education Specialist
Goldenview Middle School



To the left:
Eric competing in the Arctic Man





Dr. Frost is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic surgery of the knee.  Some of the conditions he cares for are:

Treatments may be:

  1. Conservative -- including advice, exercises, physical therapy, injections, medications, braces or assistive devices

  2. Surgical -- including the following arthrosopic procedures:
    • meniscus repair or excision
    • ligament reconstruction (autograft or allograft)
    • lateral release
    • repair of joint surface damage
    • removal of loose bodies

       Essentially all of Dr. Frost's surgeries can be done on an outpatient basis.

       Dr. Frost does not do total knee replacements.

Download a price list for services offered by Dr. Frost.

Eric Heil in the 2010 Arctic Man